Laws, Regulations and Guidelines

Laws, Regulations and Guidelines

Law No. 6 (Tourism Regulation Law)

Law No. 6 covers four sub-categories – Hotel Facilities, Tourist Facilities, Tour Guides, and Tourist Activities.

Hotel Facilities: Facilities offering overnight accommodation, including:

- Hotels: classification across 1–5 stars (covering resorts, business/city/convention and family);
- Boutique Hotels: classification across 1–5 stars (defined according to theme);
- Hotel Apartments: classification across deluxe and standard categories;
- Bed & Breakfast: classification across deluxe and standard categories;
- Desert/Eco-Camps: classification across deluxe, standard and seasonal/temporary categories;
- Timeshare Hotels: classification across 1–5 star (as per hotel categories);
- Cruise/Floating Hotels: cruise ships/floating hotels offering temporary accommodation;
- Other: any other location determined by Ministerial Resolution.

Tourist Facilities: Offices and venues offering tourism-related services, including:

- Theme Parks/Entertainment: theme parks, entertainment areas (permanent/temporary operations and devices);
- Social/Special Clubs: clubs, nightclubs and other venues outside hotels;
- Travel Agency Offices: retail travel agents selling any form of outbound or ‘packaged’ tour services;
- Tour Operator – Outbound: classification across deluxe and standard categories;
- Tour Operator – Inbound: inbound travel services, ground handlers, destination management companies;
- Timeshare Sales: agents selling timeshares either within or outside Qatar;
- Other Facilities: any other tourism office or facility determined under Ministerial Resolution.

Tour Guides: Persons conducting a tourist activity or leading excursions for tourists, including:

- Tour Guide: a tour guide conducting general tours and excursions, usually employed or contracted by an inbound tour operator for this purpose;
- Specialist Tour Guide: a tour guide conducting specific tours within a defined location (such as museum or other site) or requiring certifications to provide specific skills (such as scuba diving);
- 4 x 4 Safari Drivers: tour guide conducting 4 x 4 safaris.

Tourist Activities: Activities, tours, excursions or transport services provided to tourists, including:

- 4 x 4 Desert Safaris: licensing of guides, vehicles and excursions;
- Quad Bike Hire: locations hiring quad bikes and conducting activities with quad bikes;
- Tours & Excursions: organized coach or visitor tour transportation;
- Dhows: A, B and C category dhows trips, dining or overnight;
- Yacht & Boat Charters: any marine charter vessel, including overnight stays;
- Resort Water Sports: includes jet-skis, water-skiing, para-sailing, scuba diving and general boating;
- Submersible Boats: submarine and glass-bottomed boats;
- Heli- or Air Tours: helicopter or fixed wing air tours guided by training pilots;
- Parachuting & Ballooning: aerial activities, including paragliding, parachuting etc.;
- Other Activities: any other activities as determined by Ministerial Resolution.

Law No. 17 (Exhibitions)

Besides its role as an active organiser and co-sponsor of events taking place in Qatar (see Promotion – Festivals & Events), QNTC has specific legal responsibilities for the supervision of exhibitions under Law 17 of 2013 as the authority charged with the licensing and regulation of exhibitions and of companies that organise or do business concerning exhibitions taking place in the country.