Qatar’s Hospitality Sector

Qatar’s Hospitality Sector

Building a Hospitality Sector that is Sustainable Beyond the 2022 FIFA World Cup

With demand for hotel rooms set to peak during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, QTA is working with the private sector to develop creative tourist accommodation solutions that ensure market needs are met without overdeveloping the sector.

Strategies include encouraging developers to diversify the tourism accommodation stock on offer by increasing the 2-, 3- and 4-star hotel establishments available, which will appeal to a larger cross-section of travelers and ensure a balanced market.

There is also an increasing supply of furnished apartments coming online in the coming years, some of which will be reclassified as tourist accommodation for the duration of the World Cup.

Finally, a plan has been put in place to use cruise ships as temporary accommodation that will supplement the existing inventory of hotel rooms. 

Available Assets: 

  • Infographic 
  • Introduction to hotel managers
  • Interview opportunity with QTA spokesperson