Regional Development in Qatar

Regional Development in Qatar

Other areas of priority emphasis include projects that reinforce the role of tourism in helping to spread economic development to local communities around the country outside Doha and the urban areas.

QNTC is currently developing a comprehensive national Investment map to provide an overall masterplan for tourism development planning and guidance. It will display existing attractions, land use and national projects (e.g. Qatar Rail, port development etc.) and will divide the peninsula into seven regions of strategic importance for different aspects of tourism.

Each of these region’s development will be focused on capitalizing on their respective tourism strengths and attributes.

For example, in the North West, which is the location of several ancient settlement sites, Al Zubarah UNESCO World Heritage Site will be the anchor project in a cluster of heritage attractions, including restored villages providing accommodation and other services.

Likewise, the high desert dunes of the South East, the unspoiled beaches and spectacular rock formations of the West, the eco-tourism potential of the North East and urban attractions of Doha all offer clear advantages for specific clusters of facilities catering to different areas of tourism interest.