Business hours
The work week is from Sunday to Thursday, with most offices closed on Friday and Saturday. Government offices working hours are from 07:00 to 14:00.
Public holidays
  • National Sports DaySecond Tuesday in February.
  • Eid Al FitrJuly 8, 2016 (may vary with lunar calendar).
  • Eid Al AdhaSeptember 13, 2016 (may vary with lunar calendar).
  • Qatar National DayDecember 18.
The monetary unit of Qatar is the riyal (abbreviated to QR or QAR). The exchange rate is fixed at US $1 = QR3.64. There are no foreign exchange controls. ATMs can be found in many locations and most shops and restaurants accept major credit cards.
Customs regulations
  • Tobacco allowance: 400 cigarettes.
  • Personal items and gifts up to a maximum value of QAR 3,000.
  • Imports of alcohol and narcotics are prohibited

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