Qatar offers visitors a taste of its age-old traditional pastimes at a number of venues.

Camel racing, at the Al Shahaniya track, attracts large enthusiastic crowds during the winter racing season.

Falconry, asport dating back 5,000 years, is avidly pursued by many Qataris during the hunting season.

The Arabian horse & horse racing. Al Shaqab centre is devoted to perpetuating purebred Arabian bloodstock, while Qatar’s equestrian tradition flourishes at Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club.

Music. Traditional music featuring traditional wind instrumentsand drums is still widely played, especially at banquets, celebrations and special events.

Arts & crafts. Traditional decoration and design remain important features of Qatari life, finding expression in the work of craftsmen in many field, including jewellery, architecture, henna painting and Arabic calligraphy.

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